Scott Galle wins Top of the Gulf Regatta 2013 Race 3

Scott Galle’s Black Swan won race 3 at the 2013 Top of the Gulf Regatta.  It was an exciting race with gusts over 35 knots, a Platu losing its mast, and El Coyote losing a crew member overboard.  Sonic rescued the man overboard from El Coyote and was given second place.  To his credit, the Sonic skipper, Khun Nim was offered even more redress by the jury and refused it.  Exciting racing at Ocean Marina.


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Class 7 – Ocean Multihulls

Hosted By topofthegulfregatta

Race 3   (5/05/2013)  PROVISIONAL RESULTS

Updated:  7/05/2013  09:53:01


OMR results Start : 11:00
Place Sail Num Boat Name From Elapsd AHC Cor’d T Skipper Score Fin Tim ETOrd Design
1 THA008 Black Swan 41:58 0.773 32:26 Scott Galle 1.0 11:41:58 2
2 Miss Saigon 38:49 0.877 34:02 David Liddell 2.0 11:38:49 1 Corsair 37
RDG TH001 Sonic THA 53:56 0.693 37:22 Khun Nim 2.0 11:53:56 3 Crowther 42


Results by : TopYacht Software

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scott galle black swan racing

scott galle’s black swan racing